Services By Hometown Auto Service Center

SERVICES Safety Inspections We perform vehicle Safety Inspections Emissions Inspections We Perform vehicle Emissions Inspections A/C Service's We service and repair your vehicles air conditioning systems. We have the latest in A/C Equipment Maintenance & Regular Service We keep your vehicle serviced and Maintained. Engine Work We can replace, repair or rebuild your engine for all makes and models Transmission's We can rebuild or replace your transmission Computer Diagnostics We have the latest in diagnostic equipment with flashing capability's for most Domestic, Asian & European to properly diag. your cars computer related issues. Example: check engine, air bag & anti-lock braking system Tire Replacement and Repair We can replace or repair your tires. We offer A complete line of tires from all manufactures. Most times replacement can be completed same day Suspension Systems We can repair any suspension problem your vehicle may have. We use quality parts. Most suspension components carry a limited lifetime replacement warranty Brake Repair We can repair any part of you braking system. We make all brake lines using the latest in brake line material using nickel copper brake line, which does not rust like the traditional steel line will. So this brake repair last's. Inspections We are fully licensed to perform inspections Oil Change We can change your oil. We stock all weights and types of oil and filters for all vehicles. Oil changes are very important in todays vehicles with all the engine sensors in engines today that require following your vehicles regular maintenance scheduled
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